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How to be sweet to your boyfriend – even when times are hard

How to be sweet to your boyfriend
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Sometimes, we are selfish people. It can be hard to focus on someone else when you’ve got enough on your own plate. It can be like dating is suddenly another thing to worry about, and you don’t know what’s best as the next step.  But when you’re in a relationship, it’s impossible to get through without giving attention to your partner. If you’re not giving them things they want and vice versa, it will start to feel a little stale. So even when times are hard, here’s how to be sweet to your boyfriend to improve your relationship. Let’s face it. He deserves a lot of good things coming his way.

Do something that he wants to do

You won’t always have hobbies and interests that match, and that’s fine. However, you should always try and make some sacrifices for your partner, and doing something with them that wouldn’t be your first pick is a good start. Think about everything he does for you – all the chick-flicks he’s sat through with you, or the times he’s gone shopping with you. Let him pick something to do and do it with a smile. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve shared one of his favourite experiences together.

Buy him a gift

Who cares if it’s not his birthday? Buy him a present to show you care. It can be big or small – it’s the thought that counts. Buy him something that means something to the pair of you, or even just his favourite type of coffee. You could get him that thing he’s been pining after forever. You’ll warm his heart and make him feel loved, and you also get to experience the look on his face when you present the gift.

Snuggle up to him

There’s no better method of how to be nice to your boyfriend. Whether it’s a sleepy morning cuddle or in the evening on the sofa, it’ll show your boyfriend that you crave his closeness. He’ll love being beside you and cherish the time you’ve put aside for the pair of you. It might also make the pair of you want something more, and reignite a flame that you might have lost along the way. Intimacy is important, no matter in what form it comes.

Apologise the right way

When you argue, don’t let it fester and get worse. Take a look at yourself, and ask yourself if you’d like to be treated the way you treated him. Own up to your mistakes quickly and apologise with grace. Always mean your apologies, and avoid insincerity. After you apologise, make it up in some way. Doing something he enjoys together is a good place to start. Say you’re sorry more than once. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if you only say it once, it can be like you were just trying to placate him. Be generous with your apologies, and you’ll get the same back some day.

Make him breakfast in bed

It doesn’t have to be a three course banquet. Making him a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice will start his day off right and put him in a good mood for the day ahead. Little gestures like this show you care, and make him feel looked after. It also slows you down, and gives you a chance to talk in the early part of the day.

Tell him you love him

Maybe you don’t tell him often enough. Maybe you say how you feel every day. Either way, it’s always nice to hear that someone loves you. He’ll never get tired of you saying ‘I love you’, and it will likely give him a confidence boost, especially if he’s having doubts about your feelings for him. It’ll give your relationship a much needed boost, and it’ll be good to see him happy.

Cook his favourite dinner

Get your oven mitts at the ready and prepare to cook! Cooking a homemade dinner at home is a very nice personal touch, and he’ll appreciate the effort you go to. It is more thoughtful than booking into a restaurant or ordering take out, so it is nice for a grand gesture, especially if you don’t often cook! One of the best parts of dating is when your partner does things you don’t expect, and you want to give as much as you take.

Organise for his friends to come over

Sometimes, a guy just needs to be with his guys, but they’re notoriously bad at making plans. Put in the effort to get your man and his friends together. He’ll appreciate that you set aside some time for him to spend with his friends, especially if he doesn’t see them often. Men can often feel they have to donate all their time to their girlfriend for them to be happy – prove to him that you understand his other needs too.

How to be sweet to your boyfriend – you already know the answer!

You know your man better than anyone. You know what he likes, what he dislikes, and everything in between. You know how to make him smile, and you can always do better than you are doing, even when things are good between you. The answer to how to be sweet to your boyfriend is in your head – do the things that make him happy, and you’ll get the same in return

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