Anxiety has a huge impact on one’s health, self-esteem, relationships and overall success. The worst part of being a highly anxious person is that it affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically on a daily basis without others around you having the slightest clue of what you are going through.

The world seems to be this overpowering, depressing place that sucks all the energy and life out of you.

It has been known for centuries now that the only way to handle anxiety is to first identify it. Once this has been accomplished, you move on to the next step of discussing the thoughts and emotions underlying your high levels of anxiety with someone who will be able to help you to work through it independently, such as a friend or a counselor.

But the process has to essentially begin with first recognizing whether or not you are experiencing a level of anxiety that is taking a toll on your everyday life. Below discussed are the 5 essential signs that will tell you if you are a highly anxious person:

  1. You Obsess Over Trivial Things:

Things that might seem trivial to others and even to you can actually get to you and affect you in unexpected ways. You spend hours staying up at night on your bed staring at your ceiling fan or get preoccupied with it when others are discussing other topics, and all of this without wanting to consciously think about it.

It could be something as simple as not getting a reply to your text message. You might go back in time and remember any argument you might have had with this person or think about your words or actions which you might feel must have pushed that person to deliberately avoid replying to your message.

You obsess over it without the other person having any clue of how much that simple instance has affected you. And this sign means you are a highly anxious person.

  1. Refuse to Go Out and Meet People Even When You Want to:

This is different from being an introvert and simply wanting to spend some time on your own. In this scenario, you are really looking forward to a preplanned get-together with friends or some office farewell party for a colleague but when the time has actually arrived to get ready and go, you are consumed with anxiety.

You feel you won’t be able to have a good time and will also prevent others from having a good time with you. Consequently, you come up with excuses to avoid the whole thing altogether and others are clueless about your actual reason for not attending the party.

  1. Disturbed Sleep Cycle:

You find it difficult to fall asleep at night because your mind is constantly on the go. This, in turn, makes it difficult for you to wake up in the morning. You get up feeling mentally exhausted in addition to which, the anxiety has already kicked in as soon as you woke up.

  1. You Are Too Harsh On Yourself:

Every time you make even a minor mistake, you beat yourself up over it. It ruins your entire week or even month because you are not able to forgive yourself.

You might have easily forgiven someone else for having committed the same mistake but you find it hard to accept that you, too, are a human and prone to making mistakes.

You strive to be perfect at everything – a tendency that has more downsides than benefits to it. This is a true sign you are a highly anxious person.

  1. You Compare Yourself with Others Every Now and Then:

You focus on your negative traits while also paying close attention to the positive ones of others. You are constantly comparing yourself with others your age and assuming that they are doing much better in life.

You consider factors which will make you believe that they are better than you, for example, others earning more money than you; and eliminate those which might contradict this belief such as talents that you possess and they don’t. This tendency results in more anxiety about the future and thoughts about whether or not you’ll ever be able to accomplish your dreams.