Your mom is one of the most important people in your life. She raised you, fed you, loved you right through it all. She probably taught you to ride a bike. She probably heard all about your first kiss. She helped you learn to write and share and love without condition. She saw you grow every day from her baby daughter to a happy woman. You’re the centre of her world, and she will always want what’s best for you, like all mothers everywhere. She has been the pillar that supported you for your whole world, but she won’t be around forever, and there are some very important things to say to your mom while you can. You have a lot to thank her for, so make sure to tell her every day.

Things to say to your mom: Sorry

Of all the things to say your mom, this is one of the most important. You’ll have had fights over the years. You probably misbehaved when you were a kid, or blocked her out in your angsty teenage years. Maybe you said something to hurt her feelings, or you broke something she loved. Mothers spend all their day just trying to make the best life for you, and you’re always fighting back against her. Just like you, she’s a woman with feelings, and giving her thanks will make her day.You should always own up to your mistakes and apologise to your mom for them. She loves you unconditionally, but it’s still good for her to hear that you respect her, and you’re sorry for hurting her, whether intentionally or not.

Things to say to your mom: Thank You

Your mother has done a lot for you. It’s a mother’s duty to make you happy, after all. She probably made your dinner every night. She probably made your Halloween costumes, or put together an outfit for the school play. She took you shopping and paid for your dance lessons. She even indulged the idea of you being an astronaut for a while and helped you build a cardboard rocket. She’s been around through the hard times and the good, and she really deserves some credit for that. Make sure you find something to thank your mom for to make your mother’s day.

Things to say to your mom: How can I help?

Your mom is getting older now. She’s probably tired, and worn down by the world around her. Every now and then, the things you need to tell your mother are questions – how can I help you, what can I do, what do you need from me? Now that you’re older too, you can start to help her more and more. There’s only so many hours in the day, and she needs to know you’ll be there to help her out, and that you want to. She’s done her share of looking after people – now it’s your turn to repay the favour.

Things to say to your mom: You inspire me

You learn so much from your mom, whether you realise it or not. She’s taught you your sense of right and wrong. She’s taught you how to handle heartbreak and pain. She’s taught you how to love someone in a way that is respectful and beautiful. She’s probably the one that taught you that when you write down how you feel, your emotions are spilled on to the page, and you’ll feel better. Telling her you’re inspired by her is one of the best things to say to your mom, because not all heroes wear capes – sometimes, they just wear the title of mother. Make sure your mother knows it’s a proud thing to be, and make her remember all the reasons she loves being a parent.

Things to say to your mom: Treat yourself

Your mom spends so much time giving to other people, that she barely makes the time for herself. Tell her to book that spa weekend she’s been pining after, or to buy that perfume she loves, but she thinks she can’t afford. Better yet, treat her yourself. A little gift from you will lift her spirits, and make all of her hard work feel like it was worth something, for sure. If you’re financially stable, consider treating your mom instead of yourself, or at least both of you at the same time. You may think you’re having a hard time at work, but remember, your mom has been working for twice as long as you. Put yourself in her shoes and find ways to respect her and make her happy through some sort of treat.

Things to say to your mom: I love you

Your mom can never hear those three words enough. It’s every mother’s dream to hear their child telling her they love her. There’s no feeling comparable to it. You don’t need to have a reason to tell someone you love them. Surprising her by telling her is one of the nicest gestures you can provide for her. When it comes out of the blue, and you see her face light up with joy, you will finally see what a few simple actions can do for a person’s happiness. Of all people, you should want your mom to be happy, so make sure you never neglect her or her needs.