Choose Sunday Love

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We all love our weekends, don’t we? Despite the fact we look forward to Fridays and Saturdays, it’s the Sunday love that counts.

After all the parties and all the weekend rush, fall for someone who’s gonna be your Sunday morning with no makeup on.

Sunday love comes to stay.

It’s wrapped up in your favorite blanket and loves all your favorite tv shows.

Sunday love is lazy, it’s comfortable. It’s not forced and it resets you and prepares you for new challenges.

Sunday love makes the thought of Mondays more bearable. Sunday love is constant, it’s comforting, it’s all yours.

Sunday love is not boring, it was there on your fun Saturday evening too.

It just chose to stay and take it easy. It chose you.

Sunday love saw all your party clothes on the floor and helped you wake up next to your best friend with no plans, no rush, no judgements.

It came to cure all your hangovers, to calm all your senses and to love you just the way you are.

Choose Sunday love because it can transform into a fun Friday night. Not all Friday nights can transform into a Sunday love though.

So, hug your Sunday tightly and make sure it knows you’re also there to stay.

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