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You Lost Someone Who Truly Loved You

Written by Peggysue

I loved you even when you gave me every reason in the world not to. I used to love everything about you, but you never loved me at all.

All that time I was fighting for someone who would not fight for me.

After some time I realized that I loved too much, and you simply didn’t.

And it’s sad because you were my first ever emotional attachment and I’m constantly stopping myself from falling in love with someone new because I’m afraid that they will hurt me like you did.

But to be honest to myself, no one could ever hurt me the way you did, because no one will ever be what you were.

You just didn’t want to be alone, or maybe I made you feel better about your miserable life. I will never know the truth about it.

I tried so hard to be what you needed, but whatever I did, wasn’t enough.

You made me fall in love with you and you weren’t there to catch me. But worst of all, you made me trust you.  You made me think you weren’t like all others. And too late I realized that you are not like others, you are worse.

All this time I have feeling that I have a little hole in my heart, and I just can’t get that missing piece back. You took something from that I will never get back.

But one day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you. Then you’re going to hate yourself for letting me go.

And darling, you need to know I may lose someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly loved you, and still love.

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