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Saying Goodbye For The Last Time

Written by Peggysue

You entered my life like this storm I wasn’t quite prepared for.

Love is unexpected. You don’t just meet someone and think, I’m going to choose you. You meet someone by fate and it’s an instant connection, they light a fire in your heart and despite all your edges.

The love I felt for you outweighed my desires to better myself as an individual.

Somewhere in between all that the magic I ended up wounded.

It took much too long to learn that you never wanted the best for me—you wanted dominance over my life. You wanted someone who you can control, and someone who will be afraid of you. Someone who will look at you like you are God. And you get that from me. You were like a God for me.

You didn’t want to see me fly, so you chained my ankle to yours. Everything I had was yours. You took everything from me.

Once when you slapped me, my mind started to see things clearer. I realized that someone who truly loves you will want to empower you—not break you down.

You lost me, you lost your slave.

If you just cared about me in the way I cared about you, we would be happy. I loved you, more than I love myself. But that girl is long gone.

So, this is me walking away from you for good. This is me, not saying I will see you around, not saying maybe you can try again down the road. But saying goodbye for the last time.

I loved you for so long that now, I physically and emotionally can’t anymore. And baby, you’re going to have to live with that.

I am so much happier and I have had the biggest weight come off of my shoulders knowing I’m over you. And that I can finally move on. Thanks for the memories, but thank God I am finally done with you.

I’m saying goodbye for the last time.

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