Every day I’m wondering why I am unable to let go of that one person who destroyed my life. That one person who treated me inconsistently and unfairly, and brought up my worst insecurities.

I loved you, with you I had the best moments in my life, but also the worst moments.

Probably, I’m never going to understand how can you love someone so hard, and be ready to give them everything. But on the other side to hate them because they treated you like you were their slave.

Our relationship was full of manipulation, fights, argues and things like that, but I am still unable to let you go.

I always was feeling frightened to share my opinion, and constantly I was walking on eggshells because I was afraid of your emotional reaction.

If relationship changes you, it should only make you a better version of yourself. But you always made me feel like I’m losing myself, and I couldn’t recognize who I was.

I was at that point where I had felt like everything I do upset you, and I was tiptoeing around in my own relationship.

I know that I’m still not in that stage where I will be able to leave you in the past, but one day I will.

And these days you don’t cross my mind very often.

I promised myself one day when you left, and I promise again. One day I will let you go, I will forget you. And I have a feeling that day is close, I just need to be patient. Because no one deserves to be treated in the same way as I was, no one.