5 Signs He’s In It Only for Selfish Reasons

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Being in a relationship with a person who is genuine and respects you is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. However, many women, after having invested themselves in a relationship emotionally, unconsciously miss out on several signs that suggest that the man they are with is in it only for selfish reasons.

They are willing to ignore these signs or rationalize them because the process of analyzing them and figuring out eventually that this person is not meant for them is an extremely painful one.

However, there is only a point till which these signs can be ignored, overlooked or rationalized. If you are considering spending your life with a man who always puts his needs before yours, his priorities before yours, and his dreams before yours, then this article is for you. Below given are 5 clear signs that will tell you that your man is simply using you to his advantage. Watch out for these!

  1. He is Financially Dependent on You:

He is always expecting you to help him out with his financial troubles. He makes excuses to get you to fulfill his demands and needs on a regular basis.

Sometimes, he may blackmail you emotionally into doing it, such as telling you that he wants something badly but he can’t afford to buy it. He expects you to automatically offer to buy it for him.

If you offered to get something for him once and see yourself getting manipulated into continuing to do it, then consider it a red signal. Moreover, he’s going to be the first one to walk out on you the minute he realizes you can no longer fulfill his needs because of your own financial constraints.

  1. He Avoids Discussions About Where the Relationship is Heading:

Every time you raise doubts or concerns about the uncertainty of your relationship with him, he simply laughs it off or pushes it under the carpet. He avoids any discussion about his relationship with you and where it is heading.

He is too comfortable with things the way they are and is not willing to even consider your apprehension about it and how it might be affecting you. He might even judge you or give you a weird look suggesting you uttered something dumb when you bring up the topic.

  1. He is Not Expressive about His Love for You:

All of us need a piece of acknowledgement and appreciation at some point from our close ones. The same applies to our partner. If he feels awkward or reluctant to express his affection for you verbally or nonverbally, then he is not really invested in the relationship.

There is a difference between men who are shy to say ‘I love you’ often and those who simply don’t feel the need to do so.

Someone who is shy will do other things to communicate to you how important you are in their life. On the other hand, a man watching out only for his selfish reasons for being in the relationship will find it troublesome to utter a few nice words to you.

  1. When Your Friends Don’t Think He is a Genuine Guy:

Sometimes, it is really helpful to get a third point-of-view i.e. an objective perspective from a friend. Your need to stay in the relationship can sometimes blind you and make it difficult for you to see and accept the truth.

When you ask your friends to give you an honest opinion about your guy and you realize that none of them is comfortable with the idea of you dating him, then it might help to understand and give importance to their advice.

  1. You Don’t Know Anything About Him:

It’s been some months you have been dating him and he hasn’t introduced yet to his family or any of his friends.

If you actually meant a lot to him, then he would have tried to merge you in his other social circles to help you get slowly comfortable with them.

If you don’t know anything about him yet, then that’s simply because he doesn’t want you to.

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