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20 Reason Why Women Love Men With Beards

Written by Peggysue

Men with beards.

Throughout history, beards have conferred prestige. Although in recent times it has been expected of men to be clean shaven, the beard has made a comeback.

Men with beards. Need I say more? That rough out of bed looks so sexy.

  1. Masculine look


  1. Beards are a visual reminder you are not accidentally sleeping with a child 


  1. It is sexy


  1. Feels ticklish and fun while kissing


  1. A man who cares for his beard cares in general


  1. They make better lovers


  1. It’s a badass look (In a good way)


  1. Beards are magic


  1. It implies prestige


  1. Little trim, much stubble goes on every outfit 


  1. Bearded men can be more virile


  1. Bearded man goes down and does it well


  1. It’s fun to stroke


  1. Absolute hotness


  1. Bearded men are anything but ordinary


  1. It makes them look strong and gives that edge to their personality


  1. A beard makes a man look older


  1. It feels great to run fingers across their poky beard


  1. It makes them mysterious
  2. They are just adorable

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