Before a few years, I had the worst time of my life. The man who I loved more than anything killed me, took my soul and my life. I was broken. After him, I was filled with insecurities and ready to give up on love.

And then one day I met him.

His beautiful smile and great looks blew me away from the second I laid eyes on you.

I had so many walls up, and I was begging myself to not fall for him.

And I just knew it was only a matter of time before he would leave. They always leave.

I wasn’t ready to be broken again.

But no matter how much I was trying to not fall in love with him, he was just perfect, I couldn’t resist. He was so patient, so persistent, so genuine, and I was terrified.

He has always tried his best to remind me that I am beautiful, to remind me that I am perfect in all of my imperfections.

The way he spoke, the way he kissed, and the way that he holds me somehow began to silence my demons.

He did what I couldn’t do alone, by myself.

He is the kind of man that could have any girl he wants, but he chose me.

And he changed me, because of him I became a better person. I was a girl who has been through hell and back, whose self-esteem has been completely shattered, but he taught me that I’m worthy of love.

He showed me that I can be valued and treated with respect.

Because of him, I let down my walls, because this time someone will actually be there to nurse all of the wounds behind it back to health.

I need to thank him, thank for loving me enough until I was able to love myself again.

Falling in love with him helped me to see the beauty in everything.

Falling in love with him taught me how to love again.