30 Signs You’re Finally Dating One Of The Good Guys

Written by Peggysue

Through life, we are dating bad and good guys. But there is a big difference between them, so here are 30 signs that you are dating one of the good guys.


  1. He asks the questions, never just answers them- A good guy is ready to learn all about you, so he is not afraid to ask you what he wants to know about you.
  2. He tells you on a regular basis that you make him so happy
  3. You can talk to him about anything
  4. He is respectful of your feelings
  5. He sees you as an equal and a partner
  6. He asks about your family and doesn’t hide his
  7. You feel more secure than ever
  8. He shows up when he says he will
  9. He makes you feel good about yourself
  10. He doesn’t make himself your whole world, just makes your whole world better
  11. He is respectful to women in general
  12. He’s willing to apologize when he’s wrong
  13. He buys you gifts for no reason. He makes an effort all the time
  14. He makes you feel beautiful
  15. He’s not afraid to make a commitment to you and let you know exactly what he’s looking for
  16. He shows up when he says he will
  17. You always know he’s got your back
  18. He makes you feel like you have a person who’s on your side
  19. He gives you your space but also wants to be included in your life
  20. He’s never clingy or too distant; he’s just right
  21. He doesn’t care about texting you twice
  22. He treats his inferiors as well as, or better than, he treats his superiors
  23. He makes you feel special
  24. You can tell him anything and know it will stay safe with him
  25. He pays attention to the small details
  26. He’s never too busy to make time for you
  27. You feel like you can always be yourself with him
  28. He talks openly about your future together
  29. He goes out of his way to make you happy
  30. He loves you the way you are

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