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17 Reasons Why Bald Men Are The Best

Written by Peggysue

Here’s 17 reasons why guys without hair are best and why they are the best boyfriends:


  1. Bald men are sexy. Fact.
  2. Actually, bald men are super sexy.

  3. They are consistent. 
  4. They are great in bed. Also fact.
  5. They’re better at sports.
  6. Bald men are more mysterious than guys with average haircuts.
  7. They won’t spend five hours hogging your bathroom to style their hair.

  8. And you’ll never find their hair in the shower drain.

  9. Their baldness makes their gaze even more intense.


  10. Because it’s a timeless look.


  11. Bald men are super classy.


  12. It has even been scientifically proven that all bald men are sexy.

  13. Baldness goes with everything.


  14. They are better in bed, seriously 
  15. They are way more sensitive
  16. Bald isn’t just beautiful, it’s super hot
  17. Don’t wait around any longer — find a bald man and make him yours today!


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