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That Should Be Me

Written by Peggysue

Everyone in their life had the kind of ‘the one that got away‘ love, so do I. I loved him more than I could ever imagine. And to be honest, I expected more from him because I would have done that and so much more in order to make him happy. He should give me the love that I deserved.


I deserve someone who will hold my hand when I’m sad, that will wipe away the tears and do what they can to make me laugh.


If he weren’t into me he should have just been straight to me, I deserved honesty.


But now you have your girl. She is everything I have never been for you.


And I’m asking myself did you forget all plans that you made with me? Or she is one with who you are going to accomplish them.


I was the perfect girlfriend, but you chose her.


That should be me by your side.


We could make it. Our love could make it. If only you cared more about me, and if you loved me just a little bit more.


You will be mine forever. You will always be a favorite part of me. And the thought of you with her is just tearing me apart.


She is the one that makes you smile, and she is everything for you that I was not.


That should be my baby.


I deserved it to be me, not her.


I did, but no matter what you chose her.

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