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Your Anxiety Is Lying to You!

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Living with anxiety means fighting a continuous and constant battle. Your anxiety will tell you lies every day and you’ll have to do your best not to believe them. Here are some reminders in case you’re struggling.

You’re enough.

Your anxiety will often claim you’re not enough. It will try its best to convince you that you’re a bad girlfriend, daughter, friend, sister. When that happens, talk to the people who love you and have them reassure you. Go through your memories, re-read this article.

You are enough and you deserve to know that.

Your friends adore you.

Anxiety will claim they don’t. Don’t listen to it. Send that text, show up, do things despite your anxiety’s best efforts to keep you in bed.

You’re worthy.

Whenever you think you’re not, that’s your anxiety talking. Don’t believe it.

You don’t have to be perfect.
No one is. Your imperfections make you beautiful. Embrace them. Your anxiety certainly won’t.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Your anxiety will do its best to isolate you. Don’t let that happen. Ask for help, your friends and family are there for you. You’re not a burden. You’re a blessing!

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