Save your relationship from drowning when you’re a busy person

Save your relationship
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You have a busy life – you have a career to pursue, a million social events on your calendar, and so many ambitions you’ll likely want to fulfil. It’s not much to ask to have some independence. But you’re not a single person – you’re in a partnership, and you have to do more work to save your relationship from drowning. There’s so much you have to do to keep a relationship afloat, and it’s even harder when you never seem to have a spare second. However, it is possible to make it work!
Here are our best ways of tackling relationships as a busy person.

Make time for one another

This seems a pretty obvious statement, but how long do you devote to your love each day or week? If you live apart, do you spend at least an hour communicating solely with them? If you live together, do you only see each other for dinner and when you go to bed? It’s not enough. Ask them to make special designated times just for you, and never compromise it on either end. That time is sacred now, and should never be cancelled on. Don’t let it slip, or you’ll end up watching everything you’ve built disappearing before your eyes. But there’s no need to overthink – just a few hours extra per week can make all the difference in boosting your love to where it should be at.

Go on trips together

Everyone needs a break from work every now and then, even if it’s only a weekend in a close-by city. Trips are something to look forward to, and are a really great way of spending good quality time with your partner in large quantities. It also makes the focus go on your relationship. No one else will get in the way when it’s just the two of you devoting yourself to one another, and all this added time together will rescue your relationship. Pick a romantic destination for an even more pleasing experience. Paris, anyone?

Include each other in every aspect of your lives

There are plenty of ways to include your partner in your social circles. Introduce them to your co-workers. Go on double dates with your best friends. Allow them to meet your family. Including them in your life makes them feel important, and shows them that you’re serious about them. Don’t shy away – try to make certain that your love is an active part of everything you do, or they’ll start to feel abandoned and unwanted.

Talk to one another to save your relationship

This is another obvious one, but it’s the manner in which you speak to one another that really matters. You need to be able to laugh together, flirt with one another long after you get together, and also tone it down and discuss important topics. There are different types of conversation, and you need to have each and every one with your partner. Try and rekindle anything you might have lost over the years – it makes all the difference in the long run. Thinking about what you could have and striving to achieve it is an active way to improve on a flailing relationship.

Discuss the future with one another

To stop a relationship from going under, you have to have an idea of what you want in the future. If you’re searching for different things, you may not be compatible – for example if you want children and your partner doesn’t, that’s something you need to know. You don’t want to continue along the path if you don’t think you’re meant to be together, and it’s better to end it before feelings get too deep in that case. But more positively, you can start to plan a path together hand in hand, whether you’re aiming for your next trip away, or you’re thinking of marriage!

Make them your first priority

If they aren’t one of your first priorities, that may suggest trouble in paradise. They should consume a large part of your life, and you should want them to – after all, this could be the person you spend the rest of your time with. Make sure your decisions are made to include them in everything you do, and your choices don’t upset them.

Do things you don’t necessarily like to please them

No matter how similar you and your partner are, there will always be some things you disagree on – one of these disagreements will likely be about hobbies. If you don’t enjoy watching a certain show, or eating at a certain type of restaurant, do it anyway. It doesn’t have to be all of the time, but occasionally doing something out of your comfort zone for them shows how much you care.

To save your relationship, make sure to cherish your partner

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose them. Don’t allow that to happen. If you really love your partner, make sure every move you make in your relationship is carefully considered, and you always make the time for them to save your relationship from collapse. Think of what your life would be like without them. If it’s painful to think of, but you can’t see a future in sight, you’re probably in need of a quick relationship boost to get the pair of you back on track.

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