The Winter Bucket List We All Need

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Winter is coming, as Jon Snow is constantly reminding us. The cold is drawing in, the heating is ramping up and we’re getting out our sweaters from the closet. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s time to enjoy it to the max. Here is our bucket list of things to do this winter.

  1. Drink hot chocolate

It’s a warm tasty treat that you can’t deny yourself in winter. Treat yourself!

  1. Go ice skating

You might fall over a few times and earn some bruises, but it’s worth it for the memories with friends.

  1. Make gingerbread

Nothing shouts Christmas like gingerbread.

  1. Watch Elf and Nativity

They’re classic Christmas films not to be missed. What Christmas films are traditional in your family?

  1. Take part in Secret Santa

Whether you’re low on money, or just want to get together with friends, Secret Santa is the best way to spread Christmas joy.

  1. Buy a Christmas sweater

You can’t be fashionable in a Christmas sweater, but you can be festive!

  1. Have a snowball fight

Get a good team together and destroy the competition!

  1. Build a snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman?

  1. Eat endless candy

Calories don’t count at Christmas…

  1. Sing Christmas songs

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear…but not until December!

  1. Celebrate Thanksgiving (even if you’re not American!)

Everyone has something to be thankful for – especially when they’re eating a yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

  1. Watch the winter sports

Even when the Olympics isn’t on, there are plenty of great winter sports on TV, including the skiing and bobsledding!

  1. See a pantomime

Fun for all the family – you haven’t experienced the festive season until you’ve seen a pantomime.

  1. Decorate your Christmas tree

Get your family together, ramp up the Christmas music and make your tree the best on the street!

  1. Read a winter novel

A Christmas Carol, Let it Snow, Harry Potter…there are endless novels perfect for winter evenings in front of the fire!

  1. Celebrate Halloween

Get spooky, trick or treat, and scare some neighbours!

  1. Do some baking

Making a Yule Log is the perfect winter baking activity to try out.

  1. Watch Frozen for the millionth time

If you have a problem with watching Frozen, Let it Go…embrace your love for this modern classic.

  1. Make a handmade gift or tree decoration

Getting crafty is so much fun, and you’ll be proud of whatever you manage to create!

  1. Visit family you don’t see often

Christmas is a time for family – make time to see the cousins or grandparents you don’t see any other time of year.

  1. Watch a seasonal play or ballet

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake or White Christmas are perfect stage spectaculars to invest in seeing this winter!

  1. Buy a new set of fluffy pyjamas or a dressing gown

Nothing is cosier for snuggling up in front of the TV in.

  1. Write Christmas cards for the neighbours

Spread some Christmas cheer to your neighbours, even if you don’t know them well. It’s all part of the festive spirit!

  1. Make a donation to charity

Give money or things you don’t need any more to someone less fortunate than yourself. Operation Christmas Child is a great charity to get involved in!

  1. Switch of the TV and have a board games day

Go old school with a game of Monopoly or Cluedo!

  1. Go to your local lights switch on

Gather in your local community to watch the Christmas lights switch on with your friends or family!

  1. Wrap gifts

Get your wrapping paper and Christmas music ready – you’ve got presents to wrap!

  1. Watch a fireworks display

Whether it’s Bonfire night or New Year’s Eve, fireworks are always beautiful to watch. Whether you watch from your window or go to a display is up to you!

  1. Read the Bible

Even if you’re not religious, it can be nice to read the Bible at Christmas time and remember what we’re celebrating.

  1. Tell someone that you love them

Tell your Mum, your partner, your brother, your grandmother, your cat…tell them all! It’s a special time of year and you should let them know they matter.

  1. Watch It’s A Wonderful Life

It goes without saying – it’s a Christmas Day must.

  1. Make New Year’s resolutions

What do you want to achieve in the next year? Write it down and stick to it – 2018 will be a new start!

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