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I Loved Him More Than Myself, But He Was Just Playing With Me

Written by Peggysue

I was blindly in love; I could do anything for him. He became an irreplaceable entity of my life.

I was ready to do things I always hated, just because of him.

But no matter whatever I did, that couldn’t stop him from leaving.

Once he told me that I can’t change myself in the way he wants. How can I change myself completely into a different person? How?

Even if you change, you should be happy about it from within. You can not turn into someone you can’t identify yourself with.

To be honest, there isn’t a doubt in my mind, I loved him. Maybe I still do, maybe I always will.

But he destroyed me. He was just playing with me. My soul was shattered.

He was enjoying in all manipulation games that he played. And he just loved that I was his, more than my own.

My tears, my sadness was like air for him. All that was for his ego.

Million times he made me change the shirt I was wearing because it showed off too much.

Totally normal was yelling at me for some stupid things.

One time I didn’t answer when he called, and he just lashed out at me.

Now I know that all of that wasn’t love. It wasn’t love at all. But I loved him.

For him I was just like all other girls, I was just a body, and someone who he could control, and nothing more.

But one day, he will pay for all things he has ever done to me.

And one day, I will be happy again. I’ll forget everything and I’ll just be happy.

One day. I promise.

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