It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, you will always have insecurities about the future. Whenever you start to see people your age get married you will have the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. They make lifelong commitments to one another and you want that from your relationship. You re-examine your relationship and whether or not you have what it takes to actually go the distance as well.

Being in a relationship for a long time is considered to be a really big deal.  Your relationship has changed who you are for the better. It has evolved over time and you’ve seen how these evolutions have changed how you choose to live your life. That’s why it’s important to choose to be with a person who will change us for the better. A person who really forces us to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

You are going to share your entire life with this person, all the parts of your life. Your relationship is going to become stronger when you make things work between the two of you. And you will know that you built your relationship to last.

But relationships aren’t easy. They demand lots of time, effort, and commitment from you. You need to be all-in with your relationships so you can make them work. But you also want to make sure to protect yourself and not attach yourself to something that isn’t really built to last. You give yourself wholeheartedly to love, but only if the love shows promise.

Here are a few signs that will show you that you built your relationship to last.

1. You share similar values in life.

Both of you have shared values in life. Your principles are similar and you support each other in making dreams come true.

2. No one is above the other.

Your relationship is formed on equal footing. There is no dependency on the other, there is no abuse or manipulation. You share an equal exchange of love and affection.

3. You include one another when you make future plans.

You are making future plans together. When you think of the future you want your partner to be there right by your side.

4. You know how to argue constructively and maturely.

Arguments are going to be present in every relationship. You have very constructive and healthy arguments. The best couples don’t stoop to personal attacks or nonconstructive comments when they argue.

5. You are both making compromises for the sake of your relationship.

Even if you want something for yourself, you put your relationship’s needs above your own. That’s what a real compromise looks like. And that means you built your relationship to last.

6. You both have your individual lives outside of the relationship.

Your entire life isn’t dependent on your relationship. You love one another and you play very important roles in each other’s lives. But you should both be thriving in a life outside of your relationship.

7. You find a home in one another.

You have some kind of peace and comfort in the presence of the person that you’re with. Despite all of the hardship in the world, you find security in your relationship.