5 Things Your Mom Never Told You

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We all adore our moms, don’t we? However, we tend to take a lot of things for granted. So, reminders always come in handy—be there for them and make it seem as effortless as they did our entire lives. Here are some of the things your mom did for you and probably never even mentioned:

  1. She made countless sacrifices

Your mom is quite literally the main reason you are breathing right now. Not to mention all the little sacrifices she made along the way…

  1. She stayed up just to watch you sleep

…and to make sure you’re okay. Through every illness ever since you were a baby, and in case you don’t remember—there were a lot of feverish nights in your childhood…

  1. She worries about you every day

Even when you’re right next to her. Especially when you’re away for school, college, work.

  1. She cried way too many times

Happiness, little disappointments, sadness… She cried a lot and you were the reason why. Yet she still loves you endlessly and unconditionally.

  1. She always puts you first!

In front of her own needs. Not many people would do that.

Make sure she’s your priority too.

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