5 Benefits of Your (Temporary?) Long-Distance Relationship

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Whether it’s a three-month long summer break or a really long internship, you two can make this work! So, take a deep breath and take a look at the positives:

  1. Your trust will strengthen

After this period is over, you’ll know if they’re your person. Building trust is essential and believe it or not, distance can help with that.

  1. It will serve as a reminder: You’re an independent person

Sure, you are committed to this relationship but being away will give you a lot of time for yourself. You two should keep your friendships, hobbies and free time alive even though you’re now a couple. Distance can help with this sometimes.

  1. Your determination to commit will be tested

…so will theirs. Are they willing to wake up earlier for a Skype session? Are you staying in touch and finding time for each other? Distance seemingly makes communication harder, but all it does really is test you. It also forces you to talk things through.

  1. You will appreciate your time together

You’re less likely to take your partner for granted after this.

  1. The reunion excitement!

Think about it, after all the texts and skype calls—you get to see them again! A whole other level of happiness!

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