They are clingy, family oriented and faithful. Cancers are keepers and they adore the feeling of security in a relationship. Their partner’s happiness is much more important than theirs. They don’t want to ruin the future of their relationship, so cheating is never an option for them.


Leos are perfectionists so their partners need to be perfect as well. They won’t settle for anything less. The real truth about them is that they love the old-fashioned love. They will cherish and support their girlfriends in all their wishes. Ideal life of Leos is a huge house with a bunch of kids and a dog on the front porch.


They are better being single than dating someone. But when they start to date, it must be true love. When they commit, they really commit, without messing around. They stick at anything they put their mind to and they don’t give up. Capricorns think that each relationship obstacle is learning opportunity and can only improve the relationship.


They are not the type who will cheat, hide messages and they don’t want to get through all that stress. They’d rather have only one partner and enjoy them. Aquarius stick to their partners but in case they cheat on them, they will be honest about that and they won’t keep secrets.


They like the feeling of safety when being in a relationship. They will talk about cheating in case they accuse their girlfriends of doing it. The bad thing about them is that sometimes they can get paranoid out of nothing. Taurus make up some stories about their girlfriends that don’t make sense. But they do it only because of a lack of self-esteem. They like the feeling of being independent, but they like the feeling of being loved more.


Virgos hate cheaters, but they won’t miss the opportunity to cheat. They have high expectations from their girlfriends. And if they don’t make satisfied their Virgos boyfriends they will cheat on them with the first hot chick.


They get bored easily and if you want to keep them, you must go an extra mile to keep the old spark alive. They will cheat on you or break up with you if you neglect them. Aries are impulsive and sometimes they do things before actually thinking about them and also they are adventurous.


Libras are loyal and exciting lovers. They will love their girlfriends for better or worse, and they will support them even if their relationship is over. They don’t tend to cheat but they do it only because they don’t feel sexy or handsome enough.  By cheating, they are trying to show themselves that they are still desirable.


They are impulsive, independent and adventurous. When they want to cheat on their girlfriends they will do it. They don’t feel any remorse because cheating makes them feel better. Scorpios think they’re always right.


They battle conflicting inner emotions and they can be total saints or total sinners. They cheat emotionally first. Then, they will take a step forward or totally burn the bridges with that person because they have realized they care too much for you and hurting you in that way is not an option.


They are all about a one-night stand, friends with benefits and open relationships. They are open-minded and meeting new people and flirting with them is a normal thing. Sagittarius won’t cheat to offend you, rather they will use this act purposely, to make you break up with them.


Geminis are daring and curious. They will get away with cheating for a long time. And they are very intelligent so they will always know what to say to you to make you buy their shit. But they will think twice about what they have with you, and they will make sure is the cheating worth losing you.