10 Signs He Loves You the Way You Deserve to Be Loved

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Relationships are there to teach us a bunch of things. Sometimes, they’re toxic and we need to find our way to let go. At other times, we’re just not ready for them. However, we all deserve to be loved and respected, so here’s 10 things you will recognize if you’re already loved in a way you deserve to be;

  1. He always listens carefully and learns from his mistakes

When someone really cares about you, they will be interested in everything you’re talking about. They will also take your criticism seriously and try their best to avoid hurting you.

  1. He wants you to meet his friends

He’s comfortable around you and wants everyone to meet you—that’s a good sign!

  1. He’s proud of you

When he talks about you, his eyes are glowing and he can’t stop smiling. You make him proud.

  1. He makes you laugh

A lot. You’ll need this.

  1. He’s there when you’re at your worst

He’s not afraid of your breakdowns and will always be there when they happen.

  1. He doesn’t want to change you

He loves you just the way you are? Keep him.


  1. He’s also your best friend

You’ll need a friend in him along the way.

  1. He does things you like although he might not be a huge fan of them

He was there for that movie you reaaally wanted to go see although he doesn’t like the genre? Your happiness matters to him.

  1. He’s your biggest cheerleader and your support

Things will get messy sometimes and you’ll need someone to believe in you.

  1. His actions speak louder than words

It’s easy to say: “I love you.” Do you feel it in his actions?

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