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10 Definite Signs He Is Totally Into You

Written by Chloe M.

Men aren’t easy creatures to understand. Some of them don’t go out of their way to tell you that they’re into you. That’s really exhausting to all of us ladies. We are trying to determine their true intentions dissecting every text they have sent us.


    Guys are shy to say that they like you, that they are interested in you. And maybe they’re unsure of their feeling so they just hold back. But if you want to know what a guy is thinking, take a look at his actions.

    Pay attention to these 10 signs that show he is totally into you.

    1. He asked for your number.

    He asked for your number to text you questions about class. But you sense that he is making up questions only to talk to you. He continues the conversation for longer than necessary. And he uses Emojis.

    2. He uses every opportunity to touch you.

    He stands really close to you. And when he’s around you he will jump on any opportunity to touch you. If the guy in question is touching your arm, putting his hand on your lower back, or making any other small moves to touch you, he wants you.

    3. He starts up the conversations.

    A guy who initiates the conversation wants to talk with you. And if he is locked in, eyes on you, and commenting on what you’re saying, he is totally into you.

    4. He smiles at you.

    A smile can tell you how someone is feeling. If he’s smiling at you a lot, from across the room and even while you aren’t talking, he likes you.

    5. He wants to be in your presence.

    He ignores other people when you’re around. If he sees you walk in the room and leaves anyone he’s talking to, just to come find you, he really wants you.

    6. He compliments your appearance.

    Guys will tell you that you are hot or sexy because they want to get in your pants. But when a guy compliments your eyes, haircut or clothing choice he wants more than sex with you.

    7. He’s initiating to see each other.

    He is the one who does plan-making. If he’s initiating when you’ll see each other next, what you’re doing or where you’re going, he like you. Men go to all that for a reason.

    8. He always seems cherry around you.

    He’s in a good mood around you because he has feelings for you.

    9. He surprises you with something you like.

    Things you mentioned you liked, he surprises you with. Your favorite coffee, candy or concert tickets. This is a clear symptom of interest.

    10. He goes out of his ways to help you.

    Men are pretty selfish beings by nature. And if he goes out of his ways to get something special for you or do something for you, he is totally into you.

    10 Definite Signs He Is Totally Into You

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