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While I’m Alive, You Will Never Get My Forgiveness

Written by Peggysue

When we started dating, for me you were just a game. I was playing, I couldn’t fell in love with you. You weren’t even attractive to me.

My birthday came, and you have invested a lot of effort to make that day more special. But I was really ungrateful, I didn’t even call you to my little ‘party’.

I knew that it will hurt you, but you were still uninvited. I was that kind of person then.

But day by day, I started to feel something for you.

As the days passed I realized that you are a really good guy and a guy who is ready to do anything for me. And actually, you were doing things that no one would ever do for me.

We have been through a lot of things since then. I have changed, and you have changed.

Our love was special, and it was growing every day.

Next year, when my birthday was close, actually, three days before my birthday we had a little fight. About some stupid thing. A day passed and you didn’t call. You didn’t come to talk with me.

Two days passed and you still didn’t show up.

Inside of myself, I was dying. I wasn’t guilty of our discussion, I didn’t do anything wrong. But you still didn’t call.

And that day came. At midnight I was staring at my phone, waiting for your call, for your text. Damn, it was my birthday. You didn’t call, or text or anything.

All day you didn’t call. I was broken.

I told myself that I will never forgive you. And I didn’t.

I didn’t have a reason to forgive because the even month after my birthday you didn’t call.

You never called again.

My heart was broken. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Everything changed. I have changed.

And one day I stopped loving you, I know in exactly what moment I stopped caring about you. From that day I haven’t been the same.

I stopped counting how many birthdays has passed. But no matter how old I am, and how many birthdays will pass, I will never forgive you.

While I’m alive, you will never get my forgiveness.



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