Life gets busy sometimes. It’s just a fact. You’re juggling a million and one things, and you can’t seem to find time for yourself. However, you should always make time in your life for down time, and here are some of our ways to find peace in a world of chaos.

1. Take five minutes

Everyone can spare five minutes a day to relax. If you have a small pocket of time to use on relaxation, don’t waste it. The last thing you want to do is spend is scrolling through social media sites. You’ll feel like the time has flown by, and it’s unlikely you’ve done something memorable in that time. A great way to use a relaxing five minutes is by solving a fun puzzle to keep your mind active, or making time to call a friend for a quick chat. Both these activities are uplifting and make you feel better about heading back to work. You might also consider some breathing exercises or meditation if you’re feeling anxious about the day ahead. These are great ways to calm you down and get you back on track.

2. Cook with your partner, friend, or family member

Cooking can be a chore. It’s the last thing you want to do after a busy day at work. You’d much rather order a takeout, or throw in a microwave meal. These aren’t healthy habits, and eating badly slows you down and reduces productivity. Instead, make cooking a fun time. Get someone else to help you out, and it’ll seem like much less of a task. Take on fun new recipes, or add a little twist to your usual pasta dish. Not only does this make cooking more fun, it also ensures a healthy meal each day, which is good for if you eat convenience food at work. It also allows you to have a new skill and create meals you can be proud of, that satisfy you and end the day on a good note.

3. Schedule time each day to do something relaxing

If your day has been busy, make sure you have a quieter evening. Schedule an hour and a half to two hours of downtime at least, where you do nothing but kick back. That means no spending that time cooking, or cleaning, or catching up on bills and other boring stuff. This time is for you. Don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself this time – it’s good for your mental health to have time to yourself, especially as part of a busy routine and at the same time every day. Having a specific time of day ensures that you associate that time with relaxation and not chore, meaning you

4. Have adventures, but also make time to slob

You have a free weekend. You’ve decided you want to do something exciting with it, but you end up vegging in front of the TV again. That’s fine – the weekends are made for relaxing. But perhaps you can have the best of both worlds – do something exciting on Saturday – with friends or with family – and then spend your Sunday relaxing. After a busy week, you don’t want to push yourself too hard, but make memories you won’t forget.

5. Try out aromatherapy

Whether you’re at home or in work, there’s always stressful situations that arise and dampen your mood. Aromatherapy doesn’t have to be a massage or anything unusual – even the smells of essential oils can be relaxing. Do a little research into the properties of each oil, and incorporate them into your day. Lavender is relaxing, and can be used on your pillow to help you sleep. Other oils are invigorating, and with energize you for the day. Make sure to use them carefully, and follow instructions of their use to ensure you don’t burn your skin etc.

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