It’s not too hard to idealize your partner. In fact, this is way easier than simply accepting and loving someone for who they are. However, it’s not impossible to find someone who will truly love you for who you are, so don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t love your flaws.

Sometimes, they’ll be loud and abusive—forcing you to change your ways. Other times, though, they’ll politely suggest things and claim it’s for your own good.

You probably recognize the first case as unacceptable, but we often grow to accept the latter; as improvements are always welcome and it’s nice they’re motivating us to be a better version of ourselves. Right? Maybe.

The question is fairly simple, will they love you if you don’t do what they asked?

People tend to fall in love with the person they want you to be, hence the negative sentiments about certain habits of yours.

Don’t let anyone dictate your behavior. If they don’t accept you fully, they don’t deserve you. Any improvements you decide to make should be your attempt to become the person you want to be; not an adjustment to your partner’s needs.

Relationship might be built on compromises, but these shouldn’t include major personality changes. Instead, you deserve to be loved with all your little flaws.

You deserve someone who will love your insecurities and accept your bad days.

You deserve someone who understands that there is no such a thing as perfection but doesn’t think of changing all the little imperfections you come with.

Don’t settle for any less.