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I Can’t Fix Our Relationship All By Myself

Written by Peggysue

You didn’t call me for few days. We didn’t even argue, or something like that. We just talked about some stupid shit, and you all blame put on me.

I didn’t do anything wrong but you still didn’t call me.

I know what are you doing now. You are waiting for me to apologize for something, but I even don’t know what.

Whenever we argue about some things, you don’t want to call or text me or something like that.

Because the thing is that you think that you already many of times called me when I did something wrong. You called even when I made mistakes.

The problem is that now when I didn’t do anything wrong you are waiting for me to call you.

This is one big drama.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to be in this kind of relationship.

I’m tired of this drama, I’m tired of these games that we are playing.

I want something real, someone, who will put me in the first place no matter what.

I deserve more, I know that.

In the past, I have done some mistakes, but I have changed, you know that I have changed. Just because of you.

And still, that isn’t enough. I’m not enough. Every time I need to prove my love. I am tired, I’m exhausted.

The best solution is to leave. But I can’t. You know that I care about you and I love you. I know that our relationship is messy and less than perfect, but I love you.

I hope that you will see that you can’t live without me. And I hope that you miss me the same way I miss you.

We need to survive this, our love deserves that. But I can’t fix our relationship by myself, you need to be here, you need to be by my side. 

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