Self-love is a difficult project for some of us and we can be too harsh on ourselves at times. Just in case you’re one of the people who find it hard to practice self-love, here’s a quick reminder of all the things you should absolutely love about yourself;

  1. Your taste in music
  2. The little rituals you have
  3. How far you’ve made (you’re still alive, hey!)
  4. The way you learn from your mistakes (whether it comes slowly or right away—you do learn)
  5. The sound of your voice
  6. The way you laugh
  7. Great memories you made
  8. The way you procrastinate
  9. Your reading list (no matter what’s on it, you should love yourself for reading!)
  10. Your motivation
  11. The fact that you know what love feels like

(you love someone out there don’t you? Whether it’s a friend or someone in your family or your partner—you’re capable of loving other people and that’s wonderful!)

  1. Your smile!
  2. The way your eyes light up when things you’re passionate about are discussed
  3. The person you were in your childhood
  4. The person you grew up to be!


With all the little imperfections and with no excuses, learn how to love yourself for all the things you are now and all you’re becoming. You’re an unfinished work of art.