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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least To Most Jealous

Written by Chloe M.


They see jealousy as an ugly trait. They would rather blame themselves than their partner when they cheat. And they think that if you made them really happy, they wouldn’t be cheated. But also, people are likely to cheat on them than on any other sign.


They are okay with flirting and even the idea of “polyamory”. But it drives them insane with rage. They think of themselves as tolerant, but it’s not what their conscience says. If they find out their partner has a lover, they will cut off all contact.


Love is blind for them. So they hardly ever even notice when someone’s cheating. When they realize their lover is fooling around behind their backs, they will never forgive them. They took their love for granted.


They are not prone to jealousy, but neither are they prone to forgiveness if someone gives them a reason to be jealous. They realize what a slap in the face it is for someone to cheat on them. But to even get suspicious, they have to have a reason. Once they have it, the relationship is over.


By nature, they are very loyal. And they expect everyone to be as loyal as they are. They need a real reason to arouse any suspicions. But they don’t explode in a jealous outburst- they cut the cord forever.


They don’t ask because they don’t want to hear the answer. When they suspect they don’t accuse. They can get extremely jealous but they never let them know about it. They stew in their own juices. But they believe their partner will not succumb to temptation.


They are terrified of conflict and they express their jealousy in little passive-aggressive comments. For them, expressing jealousy is a sign of weakness. The minute they make a slip, they dial it all back in due to their embarrassment.


Their jealous is connected with their guilt. When Geminis get jealous, it’s nothing more than the projection-they figure that if they’re doing it, their partners must be doing it, too. Their guilty conscience drives them to jealousy. The more jealous they get, the guiltier they are of something.


Their superficial confidence masks a deep insecurity. What makes them jealous is their own self-doubt. It’s not their partner’s behavior. They make constant accusations which are really dramatic.


Their overblown ego prevents them from being jealous most of the time. They think if someone has been with you they shouldn’t want anyone else. But their are insecure, and when suspicion creeps into their mind, they will make sure their partner eliminate all members of the opposite sex from their life.


They are constantly insecure and they are likely to drive someone to cheat. Because they accuse anyway. They behave to their partners like they are under surveillance. And their jealousy retracts their partners from them.


They are soooo jealous and they are always harassing the hell out of their partner asking time to account for their whereabouts. They are testing everything whether it’s true. For them, it would be ideal if their partners had GPS chip so they could track them at all times.

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