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I Was A Victim Of Narcissistic Abuse

Written by Peggysue

Narcissistic abuse is a really bad thing. And recovery from narcissist abuse is just like any other form of mental or physical recovery – it takes time, work, and determination for the wounds to heal.

When I break up with you, I thought that my unpleasant ride will end, but I was wrong.

Leaving you was no doubt a struggle in itself, but staying away from you is just as difficult. Like with any relationship, I experienced a sense of loss and even one of grief.

Despite everything you put me through, I couldn’t simply flick a switch and turn off the feelings for you.

My heart constantly was pulling me back. While my rational side was reminding me of all bad times that I had with you.

The path wasn’t always a straight one. I was taking forward steps, backward steps, and even sideways steps. But every day I was reminding myself that every step is a part of the journey and that isn’t either a waste or a failure.

I was focused on my present and my future, not on the past. But also, I needed to remind myself every day that I will succeed.

I needed to find a sense of self-worth. I realized that I am a loveable person who deserves the care, affection, and respect.

I put self-care as a priority.

The most important thing is that I had the full support of my friends and family. Without them, I wouldn’t succeed.

My recovery took a long time, but I made it.

I’m free of you.

And this will never be a defeat for me, just a lesson.


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