There is nothing more hurtful than realizing that the same man who used to prioritize you now sees you as an afterthought.


I can’t understand how that even happened? When did you stop caring for me?


Do I really mean that little to you?


Suddenly you refuse to confront issues, you keep saying that my needs are irrelevant to you, and you just don’t care enough to fix the issue.


Leaving is my best option, but I just can’t.


I feel like I have to beg, plead and cajole you just to spend time with me and my family. You don’t want to do anything with my friends.


Literally, I need to force you to go on a social outing with you.


Regularly you started to bail on me. Anybody who regularly bails on you doesn’t care about you enough to legitimately make you a priority anymore, and I feel like I’m not your priority.


I need to beg for your attention, and I know that I need someone who won’t shatter my self-esteem this way, but I just can’t leave, you are just my everything.


And when you make plans with your friends, you never tell me until the last moment.


Though you said that you’re too busy to go out with me. But your selfies on social media show you at home watching TV and drinking beer. That don’t look like you are busy.  The problem is that I know that you just don’t want to go out with. And I keep finding excuses for you.


I’m pretty sure if I stop putting in the effort, our relationship would grind to a halt. And no matter what are you doing to me, there’s no way that I will leave.


I’m tired of chasing you around, but I can’t help myself, I love you so much, I just can’t go, I can’t break up. And I’m sorry for that.