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I Am The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Written by Peggysue

The moment of the breakup isn’t the worst. It’s what comes next that hurts.


At the beginning, my heart was dropping into my chest when in the morning there wasn’t that usual ‘good morning’ text and was just an empty screen.


And there is million other thing that was breaking my heart because you left me.


I needed to start all over, with no idea how to do it.


And I wish that I could put all the blame on you. For all mess that  I had to deal with. But I couldn’t, and I still can’t because I just cared a little more than you did. For that, I can’t really give you all the blame.


The good thing is that I’m passed the crying myself to sleep every night sadden by the fact you’re not next to me anymore.


Being happy without you was just unreal and impossible, but here I’m happy again. Just happier without you and so much stronger.


I realize how you wasted my time. Because I know that I’m the best girl that you ever had, and that you will ever have.


Even though I tried everything to be the woman you wanted, but you broke me just because you knew you could.


Finally, I understand my problem was that I just loved more, I cared more than you.


There will be a time where you will try to come back to me. But I will know that you are lying and I won’t give in.


And even though I sadly don’t want to ever have anything to do with you again, I’m happy it all happened. We weren’t right for each other and whether you want to admit that or not, I’m so happy I’ve realized that.

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