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Don’t Call Me When You Are Lonely, I’m Not That Kind Of Girl

Written by Peggysue

Many things in our lives happen without any sort of reason. Things fall apart, but time keeps us all moving.


Sometimes I wish that I could have met you in a different life. I wish that there had been just a little more time to love you.


Because you and I were real. We had a real love. I thought that it was going to be forever. And believe me when I say that when I told you I would never stop loving you, I meant it.


When you love someone, the world makes it hard for things to fall into place, and with you, that’s just what happened.


We were damn near perfect.


When it falls apart, I thought I would never be whole again.


I wish that some things never happen.


You could stay, you could be with me forever. But you chose to leave.


And don’t worry I forgive you. I forgive you everything.




We were young, and so in love. No matter what, no one else is ever going to make me feel like you made me feel.


You were home for me.


That kind of love, the kind that we shared, it doesn’t come around that often.


But you need to know that I’m not that girl that you just keep on speed dial for the nights you are lonely.


I will not ever be there for you when you call me just because you are lonely. I’m not here to satisfy some late night needs or to sleep next to you till the morning.


Never, ever I’m not going to be your lonely call.


Please don’t ever call me, don’t destroy my memory of us.


We are not doing that.


You left, and stay there.


Don’t humiliate me, please.


After everything, I didn’t deserve to be your lonely call.


When you don’t know what you want to yourself, please don’t think about me. Don’t call, don’t come. I will probably end up in tears.


So, please don’t call me.

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