Being an older sibling comes with a lot of responsibilities. It also has its perks. You would know, wouldn’t you?

1.Sharing is heartwarming

You were once the center of someone’s universe and now that universe has two (or more?) equally important centers. We all go through a little bit of jealousy, yet at the end of the day we are splitting everything we have in equal pieces. And it truly is a wonderful feeling.

2.You got an accomplice for life!

Doesn’t really matter if it’s a little sister or a little brother, whenever you feel like being silly you won’t have to ask twice for an accomplice!

3.You actually are responsible

Hey, you were your little one’s passport to the world! They went out with you for the first time, you are practically a professional babysitter by now. Trust comes with responsibility, and you’re owning it!

4.You’ll grow through disagreements

Things won’t always be great. Your younger sibling will piss you off on a daily basis. However, these “fights” won’t affect your love towards them at all. You are fully aware relationships with people you love the most are not always bright and shiny. This is a useful thing to know when forming friendships and entering romantic relationships

5.You’re somebody’s role model

This one is my favorite. It’s both my main source of motivation and the reason I’m self-confident.

You have a little cheerleader in your home who wants to be just like you—be careful about what are you going to do with that.

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