If “I’m sorry” is a phrase you use (a bit too) often, you should read this. Sure; we do it because it’s polite, we do it out of habit, we don’t think much before saying it. Yet we do say it and it’s there. Here are some things you should never apologize for;

  1. Ending toxic friendships
  2. Laughing “too loud”
  3. Being interrupted by someone
  4. Complaining about your period (seriously, how is our PMS still a taboo?)
  5. Speaking your mind
  6. Needing space
  7. Being overdressed
  8. Being underdressed
  9. Wearing too much makeup
  10. Not wearing any makeup
  11. Choosing to stay in on a Friday night
  12. Choosing to go out on a Tuesday (even Monday. It’s your life!)
  13. Your stances on marriage
  14. Your stances on having children
  15. Being self-confident
  16. Your “bitch-face”
  17. Your diet
  18. Your lifestyle
  19. Your decisions
  20. Being unapologetically yourself!