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Before Dating The Girl With A Dark Past You Should Know These 7 Things

Written by Chloe M.

Some of us have dark pasts. A girl with a dark past has been through a lost and somehow she has made it out. She is complex and intense. And there are some things you should know before sweeping her off her feet:

1. She won’t open up immediately.

A girl with a dark past has been hurt. She went through hell.  Therefore she needs some time to make sure you won’t hurt her.  So you have to be patient. Show her that you’re into her. Prove her she can trust you. She is worth the time and effort.

2. She may have a hard shell.

Once you get to know her, you will see that her soft center is what makes her special. You will see how loyal she is.  So, gain her trust and her love and don’t lose it.

3. She doesn’t get upset over silly things.

She carries with her all the things that hurt her in the past. Pain, abandonment, loss, abuse, and sadness. And she won’t get upset over silly things. She passed through a lot. And she will enjoy her life now.

4. She will be there for you through tough times.

A girl with a dark past knows how to tackle difficult situations because she’s seen it all. Open up to her. She wants to be there for you and she will give you strength to move forward.

5. She appreciates little things.

A lot of us just run through life without noticing some of the most beautiful parts of it. But she enjoys little things. She would slow down and smell the coffee, she sees beauty in some of the most trivial things. The effort you put in to make her happy she will notice for sure.

6. She knows what real happiness is.

She knows true happiness. And she wants to share every piece of the joy with you. Because you became her person.

7. You need to be a little extra gentle with her.

She appears fine. Because she learned how to mask her pain.  So try to be delicate with her feelings. The most broken ones appear strong.

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