6 Things Every Girl Should Learn in Her 20s

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I know you heard this so many times, but your 20s truly are so important for the formation of your identity. This is also the time to be selfish and enjoy life. Here are 6 things you should absolutely learn in your 20s. Feel free to add to the list;

  1. Stick to one type of drink on a crazy Saturday night

Chances are; you’ll want to go out and go crazy. Sure. I’m not here to tell you to drink responsibly, you should know that. If, however, you decide to let loose—stick to one kind of drink for the night. This will make the next day better and less painful, I promise. And be around people you trust.

  1. Don’t enter relationships thinking people will change for you.

Don’t try to change people. Either accept them for who they are or accept they can’t give you what you’re looking for and move on.

  1. Learn how to be comfortable in your skin.

This encompasses so much, take it one step at a time. You’re beautiful and you should be confident about your looks, don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

  1. Go out on your own

Some of us will learn this sooner than others, but there is nothing wrong with going to that cute restaurant around the corner by yourself. Own it. Take yourself out.

  1. Reading will make you wiser

Read for pleasure and read for knowledge. It’s hard to fit everything you have to do in 24 hours, but don’t forget reading is a vital exercise for your brain.

  1. Don’t worry too much

We live in such a stressful reality. Try not to worry too much about where you’ll be in 10 years, you will work things out when time comes. Enjoy the moment.

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