11 Easy Steps How To Heal A Broken Heart

Written by Chloe M.

When we love too much, we got hurt. There is a lot of reasons why we got our heart broken. Sometimes we love too much and that is one of the reasons. You fight a lot, they hurt you, and you stay alone with yourself. You ask yourself a thousand questions. And you feel really bad.

But you shouldn’t blame yourself. You have to heal in the best possible way. Best ways to heal a broken heart are these steps. But first, you have to make a decision that you want to be happy again without them.

1. Get drunk with friends

Friends are there for you in every situation. Somehow everyone needs somebody to share their feelings: happiness and sadness. The best way is not to complain about your situation and cry, you have to forget that, you have to heal, and you have to get drunk. With your friends, music that you like. I think that is a good therapy for you in this situation. You just have to relax and enjoy.

2. Don’t start a new relationship for some time – Give yourself a pause with relationships

Meeting someone new after a breakup is not a good idea. Probably you will think about your ex, about his/her face, moves. You need to give yourself some time and relax. Your next love will come after you stop thinking about your ex.

3.Spend more time with friends and family

If you spend a lot of time locked in the house you won’t be in good mood. You have to be with your friends and other people who love you and think less about your ex.

4.Hide gifts from him, but don’t put them in trash

All presents from your ex will remind you to him/her. Hide them in a box or in a shelter that is not in your range. Don’t burn anything, you will blame yourself later. When you heal, you will decide what to do with your gifts from your ex.

5. Change places for coffee and going out

If you were going out at the same places that won’t be good for you. Try to go somewhere else, try some new things. You will be surrounded with new people and you will think less about your ex.

6.Don’t visit his profile on FB

Don’t get stuck by the things that your ex-post on his Facebook profile. Don’t like his posts and don’t think about is that for you or someone else. And also don’t post sad songs or quotes, post something motivation or funny.

7.Don’t blame yourself

It can’t be just your fault. Relationships are beautiful, but if you didn’t find a way to communicate, to understand each other than it is better to be single. You can enjoy a lot of things with your friends and family, and you won’t be single for a whole life. There are so many people out there who are waiting for you to give some attention.

8. Don’t find excuses

Don’t blame yourself. You can’t say it is all your fault, or that you broke up because you did something or you didn’t something.

9.If you see him put smile on your face

If you see your ex on the street give yourself a pleasure of seeing you smiling. He will see that you can be happy without him.

10.Get a new hairstyle

You should do a new hairstyle. Do something crazy and different. You can change your hair color. Best colors are bright colors, blond or red. That will be a good change for you, and people will see you differently. Like you have already done a new start.

11.Go shopping.

A good therapy for you could be shopping too. Buy some new clothes and enjoy in trying new things. Red dress, little makeup, high heels and you will shine. Good luck.

Get ready for changes, you can be happy without people who hurt you. You should be proud of yourself. You can heal a broken heart. If you can forgive you can give someone another chance if they deserve and if they try to get you back. But my theory is: it is better to find another one than healing a broken one.

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Chloe M.