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You Chose Her Over Me, And That Is Tearing Me Apart

Written by Peggysue

You chose her.


The way she kisses, the way she moves, and the way she expresses herself is what is attractive to you.


You feel sexual attraction for her, you chose her because she is more compatible with you in all ways.


She touches you the way you like to be touched. You just find her to be warmer, softer, and more caring than me.


You are proud of her. She fits in with your crowd. Everyone you care about has a chance to meet her.


Introducing me to your loved one was so hard, that you never did that.


You are very social, so you look for a woman who loves to paint the town red and do so on a regular basis, and she is that one, not me.


She gives you all freedom. You can do anything you want. She allows you freedom and accepts the fact that you need to keep a certain part of your life for yourself. I’m not like her, I am selfish when it comes to you.



You just chose her because she is everything you want to find in one woman.


I’m not like her at all.


I love you more than her, I know that. I feel that.


You would be happier with me. But you choose her anyway.


I gave you everything but that wasn’t enough. And nothing is more heartbreaking than when you try your hardest and gave everything it still isn’t enough.


I am trying to understand you. I’m trying to understand why you choose her over me. Why is he better than me?


Sometimes I understand, but in next moment I don’t. Because I know I am the who fit you in every possible way.


But you don’t see me that way. You see her in that way. And it’s killing me.


I want you so bad. But you chose her over me, and that is tearing me apart.





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