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You Are Killing Me, I Need To Go, I Need To Leave You

Written by Peggysue

I need to go.


You constantly remind me of my shortcomings and failures.


You belittle my dreams and accomplishments.


To you, I’m not capable of knowing what is best for me.


I’m always the one who you blame for your problems, mood, and overall unhappiness.


I can’t spend time with my friends or do anything fun without you because you always make me feel bad for wanting it.


You accuse me of things that aren’t true and I need to prove my love. And it’s really hard.


Being right is your thing, so I am always wrong. The most heartbreaking is that you make me feel like I’m not good enough.


My self-worth is destroyed, you destroyed it.


In front of other people you keep humiliating me.


My problems are always minimized, and your problems are worse.


Constantly I feel guilty, beacuse you make me to feel that way.


You constatly bring up the past and hold a grudge.


I’m not alive anymore. You are killing me.


I don’t love myself, beacuse of you.


My happiness is gone. The sun is not shinning. All beacuse of you.


But I can’t leave. You are not letting me. You keep threating me that you will commit suicide if I leave.


I can’t live this life anymore. You are drowing me.


Our relationship isn’t relationship. This is just one big drama.


I don’t know if I will be able to do this anymore.


I need to go, I need to leave you.


This need to be ended, this way of living isn’t the way I want to live.



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