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We Couldn’t Make Our Relationship Last

Written by Peggysue

Our relationship couldn’t last. It’s not my fault, or yours. It’s just written in stars.


I still love you, and I always will. And I know that you still love me, but we can’t be together.


I just need to get over our breakup, I need to find a way.


I will never forget you, but the pain will get easier to bear and over time I will be happy again.


There will be the ones who get away and you will miss them, but I didn’t know that one who get away will be you.


No one can ever take our memories. We just shared many happy moments, and they are always in my heart.


Life isn’t fair at all, but I and you need to deal with it.


Probably God laughs when we make plans. And we made a lot of plans, but we are not going to achieve them.


The hardest thing about love is that creeps in on us, take a hold, and then, way too often, gets ripped away.


I wasn’t ready to let you go, but I know that letting you go across the country is the right decision for us, no matter how much it hurts me.


I will survive this. I need to survive.


I trust that my life will expand again. I will heal and grow into loving another person. My heart will mend and I will be emotionally available to love again.


But right now, I’m having really bad time.


I miss you so much that hurts.


I miss your voice, your eyes, your kisses.


I miss your everything. But I will survive.


I’m not meant to be with you no matter what I felt or what I thought.


No matter how hard it is or how much it hurts, my movie is just beginning again.


I will love you, probably I will love you forever. But this had to happen.


Just be happy somewhere far away, be happy for me, and take care of you.



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