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I Deserve As Much As I Give, But You Are Giving Me Nothing

Written by Peggysue

I want to feel love and be able to give love.  But since we are together, I just feel more and more miserable, I don’t feel like I am loved.


I don’t feel like a priority in your life.


I don’t feel like you are by my side, when I turn back I don’t see you there.


We are seeing each other for very long, but you rarely say ‘I love you’. I need to hear those three words.


I have felt like you don’t take me seriously.


When I’m with you I have a feeling that I need to be someone else. You don’t accept me for the person I’m.


I’m worried that I may upset you if I get emotional around you. You need to accept all parts of me, but you just don’t.


I’m not perfect but neither you are.


You don’t always tell the truth. It’s important, to be honest in a relationship, that is how we build trust. But you keep lying, and it’s getting worse as time passes.


I know it’s really important to give and receive in a relationship, but I feel like I’m killing myself to make this relationship work, and you just staying there and watching, like this is not your relationship.


You always make fun of me, of my work and something like that. I just don’t feel respected in the relationship. You don’t respect my beliefs and me, as a person. And it’s killing me.


The feeling is like you are not by my side.


I don’t feel the way I should feel about trust and understanding. I don’t feel safe when I have to share information about myself.


I want a loving relationship, but my gut keeps telling me that something is wrong.


I love you, I really do, but your behavior is killing me.


And I know that being in the wrong relationship can be worse than being alone, so I need to go.


I deserve more, I deserve love, I deserve understanding.


I deserve as much as I give, but you are not giving me anything at all.


I don’t want to feel miserable, I need to go. I need to live.


I love you, but I’m not happy with you.



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