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How Basic You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Chloe M.


They like things that no one had heard of. They like what’s underground when it comes to music, movies, books or art. Pisces don’t go to famous places but they go to their local places to support their fellow local performers.


They aren’t basic and basic is the opposite of most Sags. They are always exploring something new. Sagittarius like to explore different cultures and places. When everyone talks about interesting upcoming event Sags are philosophizing about the meaning of life.


Scorpios are authentic and it doesn’t concern them what everyone else is doing. You won’t find them doing things like everyone else does. They are trying to do something unusual. Something inventive and creative.


They don’t flock towards individuals who surround themselves with basic things. They enjoy deep intellectual conversation. Aquarius is far too busy harvesting intellect to be doing basic things. They want to be original.


They don’t follow the trends, they set them. They are leaders, not followers. Aries is the type who wants to be the first in everything, and they are always looking for competition. Their strong personalities have a task to fight for their goals and any given task they perform quickly. They are far from basic.


They go along with whatever others want to be. They are adaptable and curious, so they are willing to do basic things. Geminis are always up for a good time and always ready for fun and if basic activities will put a smile on their face, so be it.


Leos are in love with a life and they want to have a good time. They are trying to laugh as much as they can and enjoy all the things they do. They are always ready for fun and they’ve many friends because they are extremely difficult to resist.


They enjoy simple things and nature. They have organized lives but they want to realize their goals and dreams. Their basic-ness revolves around cleanses. Virgos are kind and they wouldn’t reject any of your ideas.


Capricorns likes to keep it traditional, and traditions are basic sometimes. They are good managers so they will make up the whole thing that you imagined. All events are made traditionally and they keep them going.


They are in the top 3 for the most basic of the zodiac sign. They would do anything to avoid conflict and keep the peace. Libras like to go with the crowd rather than disagree with them. Libras are peaceful and fair.


They are materialistic and practical, so they’re pretty basic. They keep up to date on the latest trends. Love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, and gratitude are the things Taurus need. They always update their apps and they will go shopping for anything if social media says it’s trending.


They like basic things and what’s familiar. They don’t mind being predictable and being basic. Cancers are happy when they are surrounded with people they love. Relax and a good meal with friends is all Cancer needs.

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