Time management skills are important to develop. Whether you’re in high school, college or at a new workplace- successfully managing your time equally matters. So, here are a few tips that will help you get started with a little personalization;

  1. Your sleep schedule should work for you

I know we all heard this one often: waking up early is essential to getting things done. Well, for some of us, things simply don’t work that way. Adjust your sleep schedule to your personality—I tend to get things done more efficiently at nights, hence, staying up slightly later when my concentration levels are at its peak helped with my time management. Figure out what works best for you.

  1. Block distractions!

Once you actually sit down to work—block all the distractions. This is where procrastination is a no-go, if you work; give your 100% to get the task done. At other times, however;

  1. Procrastinate

This one seems to be the eternal enemy of progress, according to many. Well, not true. If you procrastinate actively, you can get other things on your to-do list done and work on your big project later. Some work better under pressure, so if this is the case with you—don’t feel too guilty about it, as long as it works.

  1. Write things down!

Whatever works for you—writing boards, sticky notes, planners, phone apps. Do write things down, to make sure you don’t forget about all the important meetings. Writing and organizing will help you get things done easier later on.

  1. Reward yourself

Once you’re done with a task—reward yourself. Take yourself out, watch an extra episode of a tv show, read a book for nothing but pleasure. Self-motivation will help you get things done more effectively.