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10 Signs Your Partner Is Faithful To You (And Will Always Be)

Written by Chloe M.

All of us are praying to have a faithful partner.

Working together to build a better future is what we want to live fulfilled lives. But a lot of us worry if our partners cheat on us. That’s normal because we are all witness of so many broken relationships. You should check these signs if you doubt your partner. Maybe we are just too worried that something bad might happen.


    1. Your partner has nothing to hide.

    The faithful person has nothing to hide. Your partner isn’t sneaky about their phone and they have anything to hide, secrecy isn’t in their diary and they make sure their partner knows everything. Small secrets can blossom into big ones down the line.

    2. Your partner has been faithful in the past.

    If your partner never cheated on you before, chances that such a thing will happen in your relationship are small. Don’t sweat the small stuff, relax and enjoy your relationship.

    3. Your partner has extinguished old flames.

    Many people maintain the friendship with past loves and many people look back on past relationship. But if your partner doesn’t guard too much interaction with an ex you shouldn’t be concerned.

    4. Your partner is happy with you.

    If your partner laughs with you, their behavior can tell you everything. You are enjoying your time spent together.

    5. Your partner doesn’t have an excessive need to be admired.

    A need to have one’s ego boosted leads to inappropriate relationships from someone eager to flatter.

    6. Your partner only has eyes for you.

    A proven sign that your partner loves you is when you are surrounded by hot, young and attractive people they will only have eyes for you. Your partner wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, your partner respects you and cherish you.

    7. You don’t have sex, you make love.

    For you, sex isn’t just simply sex, it means so much more. It is sharing your intimacy with your loved one. Your partner wants to make love with you in a soft and gentle way. They want you to feel special with them. That’s something only a person in love with you can do.

    8. Your lover doesn’t flirt with anyone but you.

    It is disrespectful to flirt or check out other people and disrespect is a step toward unfaithfulness.

    9. Your partner asks you for your opinion.

    Your partner asks you for advice when they’ve got problems. You are their person they trust.

    10. Your partner’s strong emphasis is “we”, not “I”.

    The value of preserving the relationship’s and intimacy recognize faithful partners. And they will take measures to protect the special bond they share. I can tell for sure, your partner is faithful to you.

    10 Signs Your Partner Is Faithful To You

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