10 places that strong women find strength

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Every woman is strong. That’s the place to start this article, because it’s important. Each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses, but we are all ultimately strong and mighty. However, sometimes it can be hard to find it in us to face something, and we need a place to find our inner strength again. Here are some places we might find it.

1. In religion

Many people find strength in their God. Reading a holy text, praying or going to your place of worship can be a great way to recharge your energies and find the answers you’re looking for. Even if you’re not religious, going to a place of worship is often very relaxing, and you might find yourself being drawn in by what the religion has to offer.

2. In each other

Strong women support one another. If your friend is having a hard time, it’s important that you’re there for her to keep her on her feet. It can be hard to support someone else when you’re struggling too, but you get what you give. If you’re a good friend to someone, they’ll be a good friend back.

3. In family

Family are the pillars that hold us up. If you need advice, a mother or grandmother or sister can often offer something you haven’t thought of. Allow them to guide you through the hard times, and make sure you’re available to offer the same support back.

4. In love

Whether you’re drawing strength from a romantic partner, a pet, or a child, love is one of the strongest energies you can channel. It allows you to think of the good things in your life, and reminds you why you keep going through the hard times.

5. In Earth

Those who feel a strong connection to Mother Nature may find comfort in the arms of our Earth. Getting out to the countryside and breathing in the fresh air can clear your mind, and prepare you for any obstacles that you face.

6. In our abilities

If you believe in your abilities, you’re set to succeed. Everyone has something they’re good at, and focusing energy on your abilities will make you feel good when the outcome is a success.

7. In challenges

Some people may be deterred when they’re faced with challenges, but a strong woman will take it in her stride. They see each obstacle as a way to gain life experience, and will learn from any mistakes they make along the way. The things that slow many people down speed a strong woman up – they don’t feel pushed away by a challenge, they feel propelled forwards.

8. In endurance

Sometimes, life can just be too hard. You’ve gritted your teeth and tried to get through the obstacle ahead, but you’re still stuck in the same place. However, endurance is the key to strength. As long as you’re not moving backwards, you can count that as progress. Keep your head in the game, keep looking forwards and endure for as long as you must.

9. In adventure

When life gets hard, sometimes the hardest thing to do is tear yourself away and go in search of an adventure. It can be easy to shrink into your shell and be consumed by the hurt you’re feeling. But strong women take control – they find something they want to do, and use it to replace the negativity they’re leaving behind.

10. In ourselves

The first step to being a strong woman is believing in yourself and your abilities. You know you’re strong because you tell yourself each day that you are. So when times are hard, look inside yourself and find the strength you know is there.

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