Don’t Take Your Best Friend for Granted

Written by Deborah Carbone

We tend to romanticize our relationships with people and subconsciously create unrealistic expectations. Your best friend is not just there for your candid photos, laughs and nights out. Don’t take for granted those who make your life better.


    There are so many things that keep our mind occupied during a regular day. For some of us, since they’re there for so long, our best friends grew so natural; almost like breathing. You don’t really think about oxygen until there’s a lack of it, don’t you?

    It wasn’t always easy. Being a best friend does come with birthday celebrations, holidays spent together and long talks that make you feel fulfilled. However, being a best friend also means picking up your phone call at 3 AM when all they want to do is sleep. Best friends stick together through things that are not beautiful at all; through fights and all the lows you can think of.

    So, from time to time, remind them how much you love them. Sure, this feeling is mutual and you both do a lot for each other. However, everyone needs a bit of recognition every once in a while.

    At times, you won’t be each other’s favorite person. I haven’t thought of this until I temporarily “lost” my best friend. We grew apart so suddenly, became toxic for each other and decided to take a break. This break, of course, was to be broken in case of emergency. However, I realized how much of my day was filled with our talks, coffee breaks, even our silence.

    Just the notion of being there means a lot, grows essential for your day to be complete and sneaks into the deepest parts of yourself.

    You will have a myriad of arguments, disagreements, fights and days off. Sometimes even months off. Regardless, if you know that this person would run to see you with a box of ice cream and your favorite playlist if something bad happens—you have a friend.

    They might not be there 24/7 and it won’t always be easy, but let them know how much they mean to you.

    Don’t Take Your Best Friend for Granted

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    Deborah Carbone

    I'm a Life and Relationship Coach with 5 years experience of coaching and training. I work with overwhelmed women guiding them through all kinds of life and career transitions so that they can make big changes in their lives.
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