We all feel lost and have no idea what are we doing at times—and that’s okay. It’s practically
impossible to have everything figured out at this point in your life. Your 20’s are a stressful time full of
turbulent changes, big decisions and obligations. Don’t forget to make all this mess enjoyable!
1. See yourself as a force, not a finished product.
This is your time to change radically, so be it! Accept the phases you’re going through but
don’t let them define you for good.
2. Stop complaining!
Thinking positively will make it all look better. Instead of complaining, focus on the good
things you have.
3. Wear whatever makes you feel good!
Make your own concept of beauty and don’t let the media dictate your life. You can wear
whatever you want and own it- it’s nobody’s business but yours.
4. See failures as lessons!
You will fail in a lot of things. Don’t let this hold you down. Learn from it and move on.
5. Do all the things you’re afraid of—leave comfort zones!
This is your time to grow and explore. Make it memorable!

6. Trust yourself.
This is your time to shape your future—trust that little voice inside that tells you what to do,
it’s there for a reason.
7. Don’t (over)count calories.
You’re being too harsh on yourself, enjoy that desert!
8. Keep in touch with people!
You will be busy and all over the place—but know who your friends are and keep them
9. Learn when to let go.
This is as important as keeping your friends around— by letting go of toxic relationships with
people you are doing yourself a favor.
10. Do a whole lot of networking!
Getting acquainted with people now can create business partners, shortcuts and friends
11. Always strive to be a better version of yourself.
12. Travel!
Domestically, internationally, short trips, long trips—do it!
13. Be a traveler, not a tourist!
Try to embrace new cultures and understand people’s lifestyles—new places are there to
teach you a whole lot, not just to get you another passport stamp.
14. Read!
A lot.
15. Don’t be afraid to disagree!
Learn from people’s views and stay open to different opinions- but don’t ever be afraid to
disagree with them.
16. Let yourself feel!
Running away from your emotions is never a good thing.
17. Try new things!
New wines, new language courses, new cocktails, new lipstick shades—anything and
18. Be painfully honest!
To yourself and to the world.
19. Ask questions!
20. Be unapologetically yourself!!!