15 Musicians to Soothe Your Soul

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After a long day in work, or even one of those bad days that just seems to stretch forever, a little music in your life can really help. Relaxing and listening to some soothing tunes is always set to uplift you and keep you going. Here are some of our favourite artists to kick back to.

1. Laura Marling

As a former member of Noah and the Whale, Laura Marling is no stranger to acoustic music, but her talent is better represented now that she’s gone solo. With a feminist twist on many of her songs, and a soft, almost heavenly voice, it’s like listening to an angel.

2. Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn has been known to collaborate with Laura Marling, but his style is quite different. He’s a little more upbeat, and toes the line between indie and folk music. Though Flynn has some acting roles (he’s the lead character in Lovesick on Netflix) the South African-born singer is made for music.

3. Gabrielle Aplin

Aplin is a little more modern in her style than Marling and Flynn, and is best known for her cover of The Power of Love and her singles Panic Cord and Home. While she moved towards rock music for her second album, her first album English Rain is filled with the sound of innocence and stripped back songs to suit her airy voice.

4. Rorie

So far, Rorie isn’t a household name by any means, but she’s slowly gathering a strong Youtube following. Her music is smooth and beautiful, but ever evolving with the music industry.

5. Adele

Everyone knows who Adele is, but there’s a reason she’s one of the most successful musicians of all time. Among her power ballads and hit singles, she has some really beautiful, sensitive and heart-breaking songs that may have you in tears, but will also leave you feeling refreshed and soothed.

6. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a multi-talent, with rap, folk and uplifting pop songs under his belt, but his real talent is for acoustic music. Long before he was famous, Ed Sheeran created Loose Change, an album filled with beautiful songs played on guitar. He’s also notorious for doing covers, and working with other famous artists to do acoustic versions of their songs.

7. Florence and the Machine

Florence Welch has a voice like no other, and paired with her rock band, it’s almost ethereal. However, her talent can sometimes be overridden by the crashing music behind her vocals, and her stripped back live versions offer something calmer and comforting.

8. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s music will never date. For anyone who likes country music, or who occasionally likes to listen to Jolene, Parton will offer beauty and softness to anyone who takes the time to listen to her.

9. Lana del Rey

Lana del Rey is best known for her haunting voice and cryptic lyrics about sugar daddies and getting high, but listening to her is quite a soothing experience. She brings something new to the music industry, and you don’t have to think too hard when you’re listening to her.

10. Travis Atreo

This Youtuber has captured my heart. His covers are simply divine, and he’s working on his own music on the side. However, his covers with Colton Haynes and several other Youtubers are the stars of the show. He works on beautiful harmonies and always adds a subtle twist to every song he covers.

11. Mumford and Sons

Though some of their music can be a little too fast to be relaxing, some of their slower songs such as Reminder and After the Storm are beautiful, if a little depressing. Mumford and Sons have a large range, but their slow acoustics are the best thing they offer.

12. Tori Kelly

I’ll be honest. I don’t know a lot about Tori Kelly’s music career as a soloist, but I was drawn to her after watching her cover Paramore’s The Only Exception. She also collaborated with Ed Sheeran to sing one of his earlier songs, Fall and her own single I Was Made for Loving You.

13. Boyce Avenue

Their covers are classic. There’s not much more to be said. They’ve collaborated with some fantastic artists to create some of the best Youtube covers ever.

14. Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s music isn’t generally relaxing, but it is beautiful. It takes you on an emotional journey, and he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. He has power in his voice, but also vulnerability, and that’s what makes him one of the best singers of recent years.

15. John Legend

He and Chrissy Teigen are couple goals, so it’s not surprising that some of his love ballads are unbeatable. All of Me kickstarted his career, and now he’s starred in La La Land and had the opportunity to sing the Beauty and the Beast theme tune. He’s got range, and flair and a beautiful voice set to give you tingles.

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