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You Don’t Own My Heart Anymore

Written by Peggysue

Very often I saw you in my dreams. In my dreams we are happy, we are in love, and you are not going to leave me.


But in reality you and I aren’t happy, we are not in love, and you left me.


But I keep seeing you wherever I go. You just show up from nowhere.


Sometimes it’s painful, but sometimes I don’t feel anything.


Despite everything, I have changed, mainly because of you.


Life was hard when you left, but it gave me everything I needed to stay alive and live again.


I have grown so much. Your leaving changed me.


I’m not staying all night and waiting for you because I have bigger things to worry about in the morning.


Now I’m more focused on myself.


I know, I will love someone again, and I’m ready to try to search another happy ending.


I cannot hold on that little piece of hope that you will find a way to me.


I didn’t deserve to suffer when I thought about your leaving. I deserve to forget everything. And you deserve to be forgotten.


I deserve to be happy, no matter how much I have been hurt or loved you deeply.


I’m not the girl I used to be when we first met, I’m not the girl who loved you more than she loved herself.


I like who I am now, I like who I’m becoming.


I like how confident I’m becoming. And I like the most how you don’t own my heart anymore.

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